Little Things No One Tells You About Guitar

Tip 1: Learn fast play major chords

Did you know that most pop music contains only four or five chords? There are even super big hits with just three chords, for example, the Four Non Blondes and Eric Clapton. You have easy chords and difficult chords. The easy chords, open chords grab you usually with three fingers.

The difficult chords and barre chords which suit you usually with four fingers. So start with the open chords and pick up again as the easiest chords, such as A minor, E minor, then C and G7. With these chords, you can play all the literally hundreds of songs!

Learn Guitar Chords

Tip 2: The secret of the rhythm of 90% of the pop music

I will not bother you with it, but you have basically two popular rhythms: the four-beat rhythm and the three-count one. André Rieu is your best friend. And then I recommend you to learn to play the violin.

Tip 3: Everyone is musicians. And so will you!

I recently read that a scientific study had shown that less than 3% of the total world population is NOT musically. That 3% is not about music that means they are not interested in learning to play guitar. I suspect that you do not just magically come here, so you’re interested in music so you’re not a musician.

Tip 4: Age and size do not matter.

Whether you’re 8 or 88, in either case, there is no reason to assume that you are too young or too old to learn to play guitar. And if you’re in between does not matter either.

You should keep in mind the size of your guitar. You have 1/1 sizes (which is an odd number and it means that you just have one entire guitar. But you also have guitars 1/2 and 3/4 guitars, these guitars are a smaller size, for those with small hands, short arms or other cuddly appearances.

For every defect, there is a solution. I even have a boy as a student missing a finger due to illness. And decided then to learn but with three fingers playing guitar. But there are also some tips of his fingers. That was good. So with a little creativity, you can even with a disable hand.

Tip 5: Start simple and finish difficult

Learn to Play Guitar 1It sounds simple but if you do it the other way, it is suddenly very difficult. And therefore, you should not do that (difficult to start). Start simple, as I said earlier, with open chords and simple rhythm. Then you go to learn to strum. First practice the technique with your right hand, then with your left hand. And then you add it together. Can you do that? First, try barre chords.

Barre chords are chords that are higher on the neck and where you often have to put a finger across the full width of your guitar neck around. This takes a lot of strength and exercise, but if you can do it once, you can really play every imaginable guitar chords. And then you go several riffs and attacks to those learning to play barre chords, such as reggae, rock, blues, disco, soul etc. Power chords are chords that you can deal with a few fingers, which are also useful if you play in a band. I started in this way, first by fire and later I stand on many a party with my band ‘blow’!


Tip 6: The advantage of not learning to read notes

Learning notes to read and play guitar is not easy. You have five lines on which the notes are divided while having six strings. That is already difficult, but then you also have three guides on the bottom and a number of guides on the top. Each note can count one, two, three or four last counts and it may also be that you have to keep your bass tone while you’re playing the melody with your fingers. And then? Then you can play a very difficult piece. And that is nice. But then you usually need two or more years. So if you want to quickly learn to play guitar, you start with chords and if you’ve mastered that, you can always still decide whether you want to learn to read music

Tip 7: Whether or not learning to read tab

The benefit of learning how to read tab is that you can learn to play pretty easy numbers os songs. What I find regrettable though it, is that you can not easily learn to play the tab by memorizing it. With chords, that really is a breeze and you’ll be ready in a few weeks. So I say tab is fine but at a later stage!

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Tip 8: Whether to learn to play guitar with a plectrum

Take a good look at your hands. Moreover, those fingers are what you are already blessed by nature. Even if you succeed with a plectrum, you will never be as fast as normal.

However, if you want to learn to play guitar solos, it’s sound useful to learn to play with a plectrum. But for now, for the time being, I say: No, no plectrum!

Tip 9: Prepare performance for your first campfire!

That first performance, which can be very small and modest. You play in the home, at the Christmas tree, in the church, on the beach, near a campfire or anywhere. Good preparation is half the battle.

You should seriously the following in mind:

Take spare strings for your guitar along, as soon as one of them snaps, you can replace it quickly

Do not forget your capo d’astro, a handy device that allows you to ensure that you can sing along to the music on your own pitch

Print all play-along songs and put them in a handy plastic folder with “pockets” (yes!)

In that case, remember not to put a miner’s light on your head, do not look, but read it so easy or put your music on your iPad tablet or whatever.

If you do not remember the chords, get some excuse. Silly jokes are always good