Best youth compound bows today

Choosing a good compound bow is an imporrtant thing. Choosing a proper compound bow for your child is also really important. If you choose a good compound for your child, they can easily have fun with it and archery won’t become bored for years to come.

There are 10 top compound bows in the market. Users alway choose depending on the best compound bow brands. For children, choosing a bow is not easy for their parents. At this stage, that is all that matters. Today, I will introduce about some of them.

diamond_atomic_arctic_package_blue_1293135_1_ogThe diamond atomic youth bow is a good choice for you if you are wondering wheather which bow you should choose. This bow can be easy to adjust. The bow has start draw weight at 6 pounds and ends at 29 pounds. The customizable draw weight can be high. You just need to rotate the limb module until reach the desired length. The limb bolts are very secure. This bow is just in 1.9 pounds that is very great for beginners. The diamond atomic youth bow has  special design with two color schemes on the atomic. This bow is really suitable for your child.

The Bear Apprentice 3 is also a wonderful bow for the youth to learn today. This bow is higher version of  the Bear Apprentice 2. It is designed with modern style and more easily to hold. It has two main colors: pink camo and Realtree APG that suits all of age. Because of small size, the kid can use it in all heights. Besides, it’s also easy to adjust. In generally, the bear apprentice 3 is a good improvement helping children more comfortably to shoot.

mz92IX6CUlUHJw-UJmbVZQwThe Mathew Mini Genesis is an idea bow for youth to archery. It is lower and lighter weight than similar others therefore it is used popularly for children. Its bolt can increase the draw weight( up to 12 lbs) or reduce the draw weight (low at 6 lbs). The cam system has a full design so it provides an easy draw. This bow has a high value and may be upgraded to a higher level. The string system is a great feature of this bow because it allows users to use for many years that makes use save money in replacement. The Mathews Genesis Mini is suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old.

The barrnet vortex youth bow is a bow with special designs for young archers. It has the flexibility to adjust the draw length between 21 and 27 inches. Its draw weight is set from 16 to 45 pounds.

The bear archery brave 3 bow set is a bow used for children from ages 8 upwards. This is one of the most famous brands in America. It is attached many needed details. We can also adjust the draw weight and draw length that’s very convenient for users. Its arrows is made of fiberglass so it can be more difficult to pull back. However, with this material, we can use the bow in a long time.