Guitar Buying Tips for Beginners

As you understand, there is not necessarily a “right” choice of wood, sound box model, elements, neck size, action and tuning pegs; choosing your best beginner guitar will depend more heavily on the kind of sound and playability that you hope to gain and ultimately what kind of guitar you can afford. The truth is that € 10,000 and more can be the cost of  a guitar. That is why it is so important to set a budget. What can you afford? Or maybe more: what are you willing to spare?

Factors that influence the price include the type of wood, the quality of the wood, level of workmanship, choice of electronics, the amount of decorations (eg inlays of pearl), choice of tuners, etc.

guitar buying tips
Guitar Buying Tips

If you are a beginner ….

You do not get thousands of euros on the board for your first guitar. You may ask as a beginner, “What now, if I do not play guitar regularly but like it so much when I first thought and I am left with the fact that I’ve spent all that money?”

In the first place I would recommend you to see if you can borrow a guitar from a friend if you learn to play. There is always a chance that a colleague, a neighbor or a friend has a guitar. This way you can learn to play guitar without trying out the risk of a major investment.

On the other hand, it is good to consider buying an acoustic guitar as an investment. If you’re doing a good investment later you probably have a good return on that investment. It is my experience that you can have the best budget plan at least between € 200 and € 550 for a very simple entry level guitar and then a further € 80 for a carrying strap, case, voice device, picks and a capo.

It strikes me that the only thing that people forget, is to buy a good, suitable case. Many people use the box, or cheap plastic pouch in which they bought the guitar. But when you invest so much money, it might make sense to protect that investment indoors and outdoors. If your guitar is most at home planned to use, and occasionally along on the hunt in your car then buying a decent hard-sided case. It will avoid being stepped on your guitar, your cat or your child runs or jump or damage in transportation. For those of us who intend to spend a lot of our guitar walking or cycling, it  is good to look for a good case to wear on the shoulder or on the back. Thus we keep our hands free when we have to drag along all the time with us.

I have often seen people buy a cheap guitar for less than 100 euros and then become discouraged when playing as the guitar has barely protruded ferrets and cut into your hand, the action is super high and they just sound bad. Remember, you want something that inspires you when you play it on. I know that a budget can be very limited, but if that’s the case, then wait a month, or a few, to save for an instrument that suits you well. And besides the feeling that it is a real investment gives you a greater sense of responsibility when learning to play guitar.

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